Bridgette Budhlall

PhD, Polymer Science and Engineering, 2000
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

B.S., Chemistry, 1992
University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad

Curriculum Vitae

Research Focus: New Principles for Nanofluidics and Nanoencapsulation Based on Liquid-Liquid Phase Separations

My research is focused on fabricating new complex structures by use of liquid phase separation. First, we will explore the application of coaxially spun nanofibers as channels and separators in a new class of micro- and nanofluidic devices. These novel nanofluidic devices could be used for separations and analysis of extremely small volumes of biological molecules or chemical agents. Second, we will develop new types of polymer capsules that could be manipulated by magnetic or electric fields. These capsules will be synthesized by on-chip or bulk methods and the release of their contents could be triggered by UV light, pH, temperature, pressure gradients, microwaves or magnetic fields. On the basis of these two projects we will explore means to develop novel complex microfluidic devices, microscopic “smart” capsules for drug delivery and environmental control and new functional nanomaterials.


Budhlall, B. M.; Marquez, M.; Velev, O. D. Microwave, photo- and thermally responsive PNIPAm-gold nanoparticle microgels. Langmuir 2008, 24, 11959–11966.