Yosra Kotb


M.S., Chemical Engineering, 2017
Cairo University

B.S., Petrochemical Engineering, 2014
Cairo University

Research Focus I:

My research focuses on the fundamental understanding of the excellent mechanical and barrier properties of coatings based on epoxy/phenolic resins. This goal would be achieved through the development of a millifluidic cell which would help us simulate the environmental conditions that a typical can coating is exposed to. In addition to that, a series of experiments simulating the degradation of these coatings will be conducted to understand the mechanisms that govern the infamous epoxy/phenolic system deterioration. A particular focus towards the adhesion mechanisms involved in the epoxy/phenolic systems with a range of substrates will be given to understand the origins of the excellent dry coating adhesion. Electrochemical experiments will be conducted to mimic the corrosion process of the coatings subject to different conditions and correlate it to adhesion energies of the coating/substrate system. 

Research Focus II:

I am also investigating the development of bio-composite films for packaging applications as potential replacement for fossil fuels based synthetic films. The limitations of conventional biopolymer films lie mainly in water absorption and mechanical fragility. I am trying to overcome these limitations by incorporating soft microparticles (recently discovered by our group) made of environmentally benign polymers as mechanical reinforcement for those films. Preliminary results show a good promise that the composite films are mechanically robust and have excellent optical properties.