Tian Tian

PhD, Chemical Engineering, 2014
North Carolina State University

M.S., Chemical Engineering, 2011
North Carolina State University

B.S., Polymer Science and Engineering, 2009
Jilin University, Jilin Province, China

Research Focus: I.Synthesis of Polymeric Sub-Micron Particles with Different Shapes and Morphologies

This project aims at fabrication of sub-micron polymeric particles using shear nanospinning technique which was developed by our group. Different shapes and morphologies were expected by changing the levels of parameters during the fabrication process such as molecular weight of polymer we used, concentration and flow rate of polymer solution. Currently, fibers, spheres, as well ribbons are successfully prepared using this simple, scalable and robust method.

Research Focus: II.Fabrication of Smart Core-Shell Systems for Treating Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency is one of the major nutritional deficiencies around the world. Different kinds of iron supplements have been added to food and drinks to increase the iron adsorption in human body. However, redox precipitation of iron in human body would reduce the bioavailability of iron significantly. To solve this problem, smart core-shell systems would be developed to prevent iron from oxidation reaction in human body without affecting its dissolving property.

Figure 1: Poly(Lactic acid) fibers (Left),spheres (Middle), as well as ribbons(Right).