Sangchul Roh

PhD, Chemical Engineering, 2019
North Carolina State University

M.E., Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, 2013
Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea

B.S., Chemical Engineering
Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea

Curriculum Vitae

Research Focus 1: Fabrication of polymeric particles with unusual shape

Our group has been developing a technique on fabricating nanofibers in an inexpensive and bulky manner using shear nanospinning technique. Depending on the experimental parameters such as concentration and shear rate, their shape and size are controllable. Accepting this idea, our group has recently built up a technique manufacturing nano thin sheets and fractal particles. We expect that there are a lot of potential application areas. With those discoveries, I am studying on the formation procedure of nano thin sheets and fractal particles in a quantitative manner.

Research Focus 2: Novel magnetically responsive nanocomposites made by long-range organization of nanoparticles within thin polymer film

Smart materials are materials which actuated with external stimuli such as temperature, pH, electrical and magnetic field. Among those stimuli, magnetic field is of importance since magnetic field is easy to control. Adopting this idea, we are studying on magnetically responsive polymer nanocomposite film. To give them magnetic property, we put magnetic nanoparticles. For anisotropic motion of the film, we have developed aligned nanoparticles in film. The fabricated film exhibits different motion depending on the direction of magnetic field. Also, fabricated polymeric film shows bending motion with magnetic field. I am focusing on their motion according to the intensity of magnetic field and their applicability to soft robotics.


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