Velev Research Group

Our research is focused on fundamental and exploratory projects in colloids, microfluidics and nanoscience. The major thrust is the controlled on-chip assembly of colloidal particles into advanced materials and microscopic functional structures. Our research could underlie future technologies for fabrication of chemical and biological sensors, photonic devices, microscale materials synthesis, bioelectronic interfacing, and rapid fabrication of nanostructured coatings and materials.

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Research Interests

  • Colloidal interactions and assembly
  • Microfluidic & bioassays
  • Foam and emulsion stabilization
  • Responsive soft materials

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Recent Publications

Sequence-encoded colloidal origami and microbot assemblies from patchy magnetic cubes

3D Printing by Multiphase Silicone/Water Capillary Inks

Investigation of interfacial properties of pure and mixed poloxamers for surfactant-mediated shear protection of mammalian cells


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