Sabina Islam

PhD, Chemical Engineering, 2019
North Carolina State University

M.S., Chemical Engineering, 2015
Pennsylvania State University

B.S., Chemical Engineering, 2011
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Research Focus

The focus of my research is to evaluate the colloidal characteristics of charged polymers and biomolecules as a function of polymer composition, water solution pH, electrolytes and additives. In this study, a broad range of experimental and theoretical tools, focused on characterizing and interpreting the colloidal interactions in solution will be used. The research learnings and results will be applied to investigate the interactions, conformation and structuring of polymer and biopolymer molecules in solution and thin films. I will also experiment with unique dispersion methods of the charged polymers and biomolecules. Based on the results from the first portions of this work, colloids will be prepared using experimental methods that will allow us to make particles with unique shapes and size distribution. Furthermore, we will study these charged polymers and bimolecular colloid particles for their thermodynamic stability to see whether they retain their unique shapes and size distribution with time.