Mar 29, 2019  |  Research

Abolhasani Group NC Factory Produces Tunable Quantum Dots

Over the last two decades, colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals, known as quantum dots (QDs), have emerged as novel materials for applications ranging from biological sensing and imaging to LED displays and solar energy harvesting. Professor Milad Abolhasani and his colleagues have […]

Mar 7, 2019  |  Research

Engineering a Tougher Fiber

Members of Dr. Michael Dickey’s research group and their colleagues have developed a fiber that combines the elasticity of rubber with the strength of a metal, resulting in a tougher material that could be incorporated into soft robotics, packaging materials, […]

Feb 12, 2019  |  Awards and Honors

The 2019 Schoenborn Symposium Was Outstanding

The 2019 Schoenborn Graduate Research Symposium was an outstanding success! The Symposium is divided into two sections. During the first section, senior-level PhD candidates make formal presentations about their research and the associated results. During the second section, mid-level PhD […]

Jan 31, 2019  |  Research

Prof Velev and Colleagues Develop Process to Print 3D Controllable Soft Mesh Robots

Professor Orlin Velev and his colleagues have created a 3D printer process that produces floating flexible mesh structures that can be controlled with magnetic fields. The structures can grab small objects and carry water droplets, giving them the potential to […]

Oct 4, 2018  |  Research

Building New Tools to Study the Epigenome

Most people know genetics is the study of genes, and think of genes as the blueprint for living things. But it’s not quite that simple. Inside of living cells, genes are made up of DNA, and the DNA is formed […]

Aug 28, 2018  |  Research

Professor Abolhasani and Colleagues Develop Platform for High-Throughput Reaction Screening

Members of Professor Milad Abolhasani’s research group and their off-campus colleagues have developed a microscale flow-based, high-throughput screening technology that offers a faster, safer and less expensive means of identifying optimum conditions for performing high-pressure/high-temperature catalytic chemical reactions. The technique […]