Private support plays a vital role in promoting NC State's educational mission, helping our university, college and department go from good to great.

Good to Great

Our donors make essential contributions, helping Jim Pfaendtner, dean of the College of Engineering, and Sindee L. Simon, head of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, meet their commitments to the department by directly supporting:

  • Undergraduate scholarships
  • Graduate fellowships
  • Research
  • Course development
  • Student organizations
  • Student participation in conferences
  • New faculty start-up
  • Equipment and software purchases


Endowments have a lasting impact on our department than any other type of gift. Each endowment honors the person — faculty, undergraduate or graduate student — who benefits from it and establishes a legacy for the donor. Endowments help us attract top talent, and they drive the department’s rise in national rankings.

Hiring and keeping the best faculty is critical to the quality of engineering education at NC State. A faculty endowment gift is a powerful tool in our quest to build the top chemical engineering faculty in America.

Your Support, Our Success

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Levels of Faculty Endowment Gifts

  • Department head: minimum $2 million gift
  • Named distinguished professorship: minimum $1 million gift
  • Faculty award: minimum $100,000 gift
  • Supplemental faculty support fund: minimum $50,000 gift

By supplementing the support we offer graduate students, endowed graduate fellowships directly affect the caliber of new students and faculty that we attract. A minimum gift of $500,000 establishes a graduate fellowship and improves the quality of research we do and the national standing of our department.

As tuition and fees rise for full-time undergraduates at North Carolina public universities, endowed undergraduate scholarships become more critical to our ability to attract and retain the best students. A minimum gift of $50,000 establishes a full-tuition scholarship for an in-state undergraduate, while a $25,000 gift can create a supplemental or fellowship fund to support undergraduates.

Naming Gifts

Major naming gifts support the department’s academic and research work. They also create a campus landmark honoring the corporate or individual donor. Qualifying gifts will be recognized with the naming of areas in Engineering Building I, which is home to the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

Naming Gift Options

  • Entire building: Contact us
  • Floor (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering): Contact us
  • Atrium, Unit Operations Laboratory: from $1 million
  • Large Lecture Halls: from $1 million
  • Classroom: from $100,000
  • Reception area or lab: from $100,000
  • Research lab: from $50,000
  • Conference rooms: from $25,000
  • Faculty or staff office: from $25,000