CBE Special Seminar: Dr. Takashi Nakanishi

Engineering Building III - Room 3002 1840 Entrepreneur Drive, Raleigh, NC, United States

Abstract Development of Deformable Mechanoelectric Generators Using "alky-pi liquid electrets" In the healthcare and robotics fields, the development of soft electronics using flexible and high-performance optical and electronic functional materials is required. In this study, we focused on the creation […]

CBE Centennial Seminar Series: Julie Willoughby (CIRC/Blue Hummingbird)

Engineering Building 1 - Room 1011

Intertwining Science & Creativity to Improve Humanity and Our Planet Biography Dr. Willoughby is the Chief Innovation Officer of Blue Hummingbird, LLC where she combines scientific and creative design to help clients commercialize climate-positive technology.  She served as the Chief […]

CBE Centennial Seminar Series: Admiral Daryl L. Caudle (U.S. Navy)

Engineering Building I - 1005

Building a Culture of Excellence Biography Adm. Daryl Caudle is a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina and a 1985 graduate of North Carolina State University (magna cum laude) with a degree in chemical engineering. He was then commissioned after attending Officer […]

CBE Special Seminar: Dr. Valter Pfliegler

Thomas Hall - Room 3503 112 Derieux Place, Raleigh, NC, United States

Macro- and Microevolution of Domesticated S. cerevisiae clades: Insights from Genomics and Experimental Evolution Biography Dr. Valter Pfliegler is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology, University of Debrecen, Hungary. His primary goal is to conduct research […]

CBE Special Seminar: Bernard Lotz (CNRS and Université de Strasbourg)

Engineering Building I - 1005

Abstract Crystalline polymers morphology: an overview The organization and structure of polymers is analyzed by various techniques. Global means, such as DSC, are ideal when dealing with e.g. phase transitions (crystallization, melting, glass transition, etc.). Some of these techniques (e.g. […]

CBE Centennial Seminar Series: Srinivasa Raghavan (Univ. of Maryland)

Engineering Building 1 - Room 1011

Abstract Colloidal Engineering at the Nano, Micro, and Macro Scales: Materials that Can Move, Morph, Protect and Heal Our laboratory seeks to engineer colloidal building blocks (polymers, surfactants, and particles) into a variety of functional fluids and soft materials. Our […]

CBE Centennial Seminar Series: Arthi Jayaraman (Univ. of Delaware)

Engineering Building 1 - Room 1011

Abstract Linking computational techniques to experiments for establishing design-structure-property relationships in soft materials. My research group’s expertise lies in the development of physics-based molecular models and simulation methods as well as data-driven machine learning models for designing and characterizing soft […]

CBE Centennial Seminar Series: James Semler (MDS Materials and Characterization)

Engineering Building 1 - Room 1011

Inspirations for a Career Path for Growth Biography Jim Semler is the Director of Materials Science & Sustainability within the Medication Delivery Solutions business unit at Becton Dickinson.  He is responsible for leading a team to explore and evaluate next […]

CBE Centennial Seminar Series: Matthew Gebbie (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)

Engineering Building 1 - Room 1011

Abstract Exploring how ionic correlations influence ion transport and electron transfer in electrochemical systems Electrochemical technologies promise to play a major role in mitigation of carbon emissions associated with energy and chemical production. In most electrochemical devices, high ion concentrations […]

CBE Centennial Seminar Series: Srinivas Siripurapu (Prysmian Group)

Engineering Building 1 - Room 1011

Abstract Innovation and Sustainability as Intertwined Forces to Accelerate Net Zero Goals The trifecta of clean energy, power grids modernization and digital transformation is driving innovation on steroids for the wire and cable (W&C) industry. For example, the US government […]