At NC State, experience is education. Chemical and biomolecular engineering students take what they learn in the lab and the classroom and apply their knowledge to partner with world-renowned faculty and internship and co-ops with major industry partners.

#6 Best Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Program in the U.S.


As a national leader in chemical engineering and biomolecular research, we push our students forward and test their ideas through undergraduate research and senior design projects.

Undergraduate Research

Participation in undergraduate research allows students to gain true experiential education and take part in the process of discovery, develop new skills, and co-author scientific journals.

Undergraduate researchers are mentored by various faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Students generally work for salary, no salary, or academic credit for CHE 497/498 — Chemical Engineering Projects — where they work with their advisor to develop a semester-long timeline. For more on specific programs, browse the research areas available for undergraduates.

Senior Design

The senior design experience is formative for our students. The senior design course sequence challenges student teams to design a wide variety of chemical engineering-related processes and products. Successful completion of a project requires team members to complement their technical skills with teamwork, leadership, project management, and communication skills.

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Each year, up to 30 different process or product design projects are proposed by faculty members and industrial sponsors. Student teams also have the opportunity to propose their own projects. NC State faculty advisors are assigned to guide the teams, and industrial sponsors normally assign a technical advisor who serves as the company consultant throughout the project life. Interdisciplinary projects are highly encouraged.

Senior Design Day is the culmination of the nine-month design experience. Held at the end of each spring semester, the event is an opportunity for the teams to report the results of their work during formal presentations and at a poster session which sometimes includes student-built prototypes. Students’ families, industrial project sponsors, faculty members, and invited guests all attend the Senior Design Day.

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Five of NC State’s 23 National Academies members are on the chemical and biomolecular engineering faculty.

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