2012 Schoenborn Graduate Research Symposium

Coffee 8:00 – 8:30 AM

Oral Presentations 8:30 – 10:00 AM

 8:30 AM Prasenjit Sarkar
Differentiation of Trophectoderm sub-lineages from human embryonic stem cells
 9:00 AM Christina Tang
High temperature biocatalyst immobilization on nanofibrous supports
 9:30 AM Inci Ozdemir 3
Lignocellulose biodegradation by extremely thermophilic bacteria: Critical role of surface layer domain proteins in attachment to and hydrolysis of complex plant polysaccharides

Coffee Break 10:00 – 10:30 AM

Oral Presentations 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM

10:30 AM Shoeb Ahmed
Application of elastomer networks as functional materials for cell adhesion and migration studies
 11:00 AM Andrew Loebl
Performance of surface modified carbonized nanofibers as Li-ion anodes
 11:30 AM Bo Gong
Atomic layer deposition on polymer substrates

                            Lunch 12:00  – 1:00 PM

1:30 PM Ying Liu
Self-folding of pre-stressed polymer using local light absorption: mechanism study and applications
 2:00 PM Casey Galvin 2
Functional and patterned surfaces via organosilane vapor deposition
2:30 PM Emily Curtis 1
Multiscale modeling for phospholipid bilayer simulations

Poster Session 3:00 – 4:30 PM

Ezinne Achinivu
Selective extraction of lignin using protic ionic liquids (PILs) – A novel biomass pretreatment method

Josh Allen
Solvent-LiBF4 phase diagrams, ionic association and solubility – cyclic Carbonates and Lactones

Sarah Atanasov3
Molecular layer deposition of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxy-thiophene)

Erich Bain
Stable initiator for surface-grafted radical polymerization

Mandi Burns
Cyclodextrin-chitosan nanofibers

Preeta Datta
Frontal polymerization in confined spaces

Sang Don Han
Delving into the Properties and Solution Structure of Nitrile-Lithium Difluoro(oxalato)borate (LiDFOB) Electrolytes for Li-ion Batteries

Aaron Hawkins
Utilizing the carbon fixation pathway from the extremely thermoacidophilic archaeonMetallosphaera sedula for non-photosynthetic electrofuel production

Feng He
Chemical looping gasification with oxygen uncoupling

Alina Higham
Nanofibers of water-soluble polymers via foam electrospinning

Jessica Jenkins
Progress towards modeling multifunctional living paints: Thin biocomposite coatings of live cells and latex particles deposited by continuous convective assembly

Chris Johnson
Novel material platform for detection of pathogens, chemical warfare agents, and biological threats

Heath Johnson
Microscopy and analysis of the dynamic interplay between PI3K and Rac signaling and the actin cytoskeleton

Marc Kai
Determination of the role of shape, size, and flexibility of nanoparticles on biodistribution

Mohammad Khan1
Engineering the yield properties of an oxide skin on a liquid metal alloy

David Latshaw
The simulation of amyloid beta in the presence of aggregation inhibiting compounds

Josh McClure
Dioxygen electro-reduction study of metal-free nitrogen-doped carbon nanowalls grown using PECVD

Daniel Morales
Hydrogels and liquid metals: Soft matter actuation devices

Moaataz Mousa 2
Effect of temperature and gas velocity on atomic layer deposition at atmospheric pressure

Arpan Mukherjee
Metal-mobilizing thermoacidophiles have different capacities to tolerate and solubilize uranium

Katherine Phillips
Effect of carbon pore morphology on solvation of RbBr solutions

Alex Richter
Synthesis and characterization of environmentally friendly nanoparticles

Lauren Ridge
Predicting the nature of the protein corona surrounding nanoparticles

Phillip Schoch (and C. Galvin)
Anti-fouling surface coatings based on zwitterionic polyelectrolyte brushes

Vikram Seshadri
Pyrolysis and combustion of biomass-related compounds

Keyi Sun
Catalytic deoxygenation of caprylic acid over PdAu/C

Tian Tian
Synthesis of fibers and other morphologies from polymer solutions by shear-nanospinning technique

Oscar Bernal Zúñiga
Engineering highly reactive microbial coatings and microbial paper as model systems for biomimetic leaves