2011 Schoenborn Graduate Research Symposium

Coffee 8:00 – 8:30 AM

Oral Presentations 8:30 – 10:00 AM

 8:30 AM Sara Arvidson3
Role of the Interface in Tailoring Properties of Polypropylene/Poly(lactic acid) Fibers
 9:00 AM Hyung-Jun Koo
A New Class of Aqueous Soft Matter Based Photovoltaic Devices
 9:30 AM Prutesh Vargantwar
Solvated Block Copolymer Networks: Bridging Gaps in EAP Technology

Coffee Break 10:00 – 10:30 AM

Oral Presentations 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

 10:30 AM Ravish Malik2
Protein-like copolymers (PLCs) as Compatibilizers for Polymer Blends
 11:00 AM Christopher Bonino1
Composite Tin Oxide-Carbon Electrospun Nanofibers for Lithium-Ion Batteries
 11:30 AM Mahmud Hussain
Binding proteins derived from a “super-library” of hyperthermophilic protein scaffolds

                                   Lunch 12:00 – 1:00 PM

Poster Session 1:00 – 2:30 PM

Shoeb Ahmed
Poly(vinylmethylsiloxane) Elastomer Networks as Novel Functional Materials for Cell Adhesion and Migration Studies

Joshua Allen
Crystal Structure and Physical Properties of Lithium Difluoro(oxalato)borate (LiDFOB)

Xiaojing Cai
Positioning, Aggregation and Interfacial Modification of Microgel Nanoparticles in Polymer Nanolaminates

Jeff Ford
Catalytic Deoxygenation of Cyanobacteria-derived Free Fatty Acids for the Production of Second Generation Biofuels

Andrew Frock
Carbohydrate utilization by hyperthermophilic Thermotoga species

Cathy Fromen2
Engineered PRINT Aerosols for Pulmonary Drug Delivery

Casey Galvin
Heteropolymers with Adjustable Monomer Sequences

Bo Gong
Controlled Porosity and Structure In Nanoporous Metal Oxide Monoliths by Sacrificial Vapor Phase Infiltration of Polyesters

Mohammad Hassan
Nano-meltblown fibers for filtration application

Feng He
Interfacial Microstructure and Properties of Side-by-Side Bicomponent Polymer Fibers

Liangliang Huang
DFT Study of Dissociative Adsorption of H2S on Defective Carbon Substrates

Heath Johnson
Parsing the Roles of PI3K and Rac in Fibroblast Migration

Do Han Kim
Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Based on a TiO2 Coated Nonwoven Quartz Fiber Mat

Mohamad Khan
Frequency Reconfigurable Fluidic Antenna

Stephanie Lam
Magnetically Responsive Pickering Foams

Ying Liu
Improving Light Harvesting in Organic Solar Cells using Buckled Topography

Zhuo Liu
One step purification of human immunoglobulins A, G, and M from Cohn Fraction II/III by small peptide affinity chromatography

Josh McClure3
Graphene-like materials for electrocatalyst supports prepared by plasma-assisted Nitrogen doping

Arpan Mukherjee
Whole genome transcriptional response of thermoacidophilic archaea to Uranium stress

Johnny Maury-Evertsz
Multi-scale development of an intermediate-resolution DNA model for biological applications

Erin M. Phelps
Computer Simulation of Protein Aggregation Kinetics Using an Intermediate Resolution Model

Prasenjit Sarkar
Analysis of Trophectoderm Differentiation Dynamics using SILAC

Daniel Seo
A “Looking Glass” into Electrolyte Properties: Acetonitrile-Lithium Salt (AN-LiX) Mixtures

Rachita Sharma1
Self-Propelling Particles based on microchip components, gels and live cells

Ju-Hee So
Quasi-Liquid Memristors as Prototypes of All-Soft Matter Circuits