Schoenborn Graduate Research Symposium

The Schoenborn Research Symposium showcases the talent and accomplishments of Ph.D. graduate students in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. It features two sessions in which research projects are presented: Oral presentations by senior-level PhD candidates, and poster presentations by junior PhD students.

The 2021 Symposium was held on September 28, 2021. The schedule for the Symposium can be viewed here.

We gratefully acknowledge a gift from Linde, plc for logistical support of the Symposium. We also gratefully acknowledge financial support from the Edward M. Schoenborn Graduate Student Fund endowment, established by Russ and Susie O’Dell, which funds the monetary prize for oral and poster award winners.

The cost to participate in the Symposium is $35, covering the cost of lunch, breaks, and printed materials. Online registration closes on Thursday, September 23, 2021. Onsite registration will be available. Register Today!

schoenborn1Dr. Edward M. Schoenborn, Jr. was a key leader in transforming the character of the (then) Department of Chemical Engineering. After completing his degrees in chemical engineering at The Ohio State University, he became well known throughout the chemical engineering community for his work with Dr. Allan Colburn at the University of Delaware.

In 1945 Dr. Schoenborn joined the department as its head. Early in his headship he oversaw two major educational milestones: in 1948 the undergraduate program was accredited for the first time by the Engineer’s Council for Professional Development (ECPD) and the AIChE; and in 1949 the Ph.D. program was established.

In 1966, Dr. Schoenborn ended his tenure as department head and was named the Charles H. Herty Professor of Chemical Engineering. He became an AIChE Fellow in 1973, and retired from the university in 1974. The Schoenborn Graduate Research Symposium is an on-going tribute to his longstanding service to our department.

The daylong Symposium features oral presentations by Ph.D. candidates, and poster presentations by mid-level students. Oral presentations are judged by a faculty jury, while the poster presentations are judged by attending graduate students. Programs from previous years’ symposia can be accessed in the Symposium Archive.

Representatives from industry, government, and academia attend the Symposium, and all interested parties are welcome.

Dr. Schoenborn’s contributions to the department are also recognized by the Edward M. Schoenborn Graduate Student Award, which was originally funded by the Eastern North Carolina Section of the AIChE, working in concert with several department faculty members. The Edward M. Schoenborn Graduate Student Fund, established by Russ and Susie O’Dell, presently funds the cash prize given to oral and poster award winners at the Symposium.

January 2020 Symposium Photos

Grad Student Oral Presentation: Cathryn Conner

Grad Student Oral Presentation: Ryan Dudek

Ryan Bing (center) and other students at the poster session

Grad Student Oral Presentation: Kaihang Shi

Keynote Address: Dr. Caryn Heldt, Michigan Technological University

Grad Student Oral Presentation: Jeffrey Bennett

Kyle Tomek (L), Stannett Award Recipient, and Dr. Peter Fedkiw, Department Head

Rajesh Paul (L), Stannett Award Recipient (Hon. Ment.), and Dr. Peter Fedkiw, Department Head

Jiaqi Yan (L), Stannett Award Recipient (Hon. Ment.), and Dr. Peter Fedkiw, Department Head