LabLinks – Soft, Stretchable and Liquid Materials for Future Devices

A one day research symposium | Hosted by NC State and CellPress

What is it?

Cell Press LabLinks are free, one-day symposia organized by scientists in conjunction with Cell Press editors. Each LabLinks features speakers discussing a unified topic in order to foster interactions between colleagues working on related questions.

This LabLinks will focus on the materials, science and application space of soft devices. Many current electronic devices (computers, phones, sensors, robots) are built from rigid materials, yet most animals achieve function (sensing, computing, locomoting, etc.) using almost entirely soft materials. This gives inspiration for soft, stretchable, and liquid-based materials that can achieve similar function.

Applications include robots that can interact safely with humans, actuators with high degrees of
freedom, and stretchable electronics that can be worn on the body, integrated with clothing, injected or
implanted. The challenge brings together a diverse set of researchers, ranging from chemists, to
materials scientist, to mechanical and electrical engineers.

There is the opportunity to present your own work in brief, 3-minute speed talks that will occur throughout the day. If you are interested in presenting, please indicate your interest here.

When and where is it?

The symposium will be held on October 14, 2022 in Hunt Library, Raleigh, NC.



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