Past News, 2007-2016

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liquid-metal-top-research-of-2016 Liquid metal “top research” of 2016 by C&E News

It was very exciting to see the field of liquid metal research (including some work from our group) highlighted by Chemical & Engineering News as “Top Research 2016“.

dishit wins 3rd place Dishit wins 3rd place

Dishit wins 3rd place poster at the local MRS/AVS meeting. Congratulations!

Gilbert wins 3 min thesis

Congratulations to Gilbert, who is co-advised with Jan Genzer.  This is a university-wide competition in which participants present their thesis with one slide in 3 minutes.  Enjoy the video!

chris-named-marhall-finalist Chris named Marhall finalist

Congratulations to Chris, who is an undergrad that has worked in our lab for more than a year and published two papers in our group.  Very well deserved honor!

collin-successfully-defends-his-thesis Collin defends his thesis

Congratulations to Dr. Collin Eaker!

amber-wins-1st-place Amber wins 1st place

Amber (co-advised graduate student with Jan Genzer) wins 1st place poster at The Annual Triangle Student Research Competition.  Congratulations!!

amber-passes-her-prelim Amber passes her prelim

Congratulations to Amber!

alex-wins-poster-contest-and-impact-award-at-energy-summit Alex wins poster contest and IMPACT award at Energy Summit

Congratulations to Alex!

dishit-russ-and-duncan-participate-in-che-camp Dishit, Russ, and Duncan participate in CHE Camp

Thank you to Dishit, Russ, and Duncan for participating in the CHE Summer Camp at NC State, which is an outreach event for high school students interested in science and engineering.

rishi-wins-2nd-place-at-intel Rishi wins 2nd place at Intel

Congratulations to Rishi for a 2nd place finish in the Intel high school talent search competition.  This is a national competition for high school students engaged in research.  Rishi worked with Ishan, Collin Eaker, Mohammed, and others in the group.  He will graduate this spring from high school.  He co-authored a paper while in our group and was a very productive group member.

dishit wins travel grant Dishit wins travel grant

Congratulations to Dishit for winning this award.

dickey-receives-spie-nanoengineering-award Dickey Receives SPIE Nanoengineering award 04/18/2016
Dickey group participates in Nanodays 2016

Thanks to Dishit, Kunal, Duncan, Tim, Amber, Olivia, and Russ for their help.  We hosted approximately 100 students from middle and high schools across the state of NC.  We gave tours of our lab and showed demos of 3D printing, self-folding, and laser patterning.

chris-receives-goldwater Chris receives Goldwater Scholarship

Congratulations to Chris Cooper for receiving the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship.  Chris is an undergrad at NC State who has worked in our lab over a year.  He has been a co-author on one paper and is working on another paper currently.  Chris has been mentored by many in the lab, but primarily Yiliang during his initial work.

farzad-defends-his-thesis Farzad defends his thesis

Congratulations to Farzad!  Farzad was co-advised with Prof. Peter Hauser and worked on new methods to treat PET surfaces, which is a common commercial polymer (eg. Coke bottles).

dickey-receives-asee-mcgraw-award Dickey receives ASEE McGraw Award

It is an honor to be on the list with so many respected scientists. This award acknowledges the fantastic research and hard work from the students in the group.

alex-selected-for-acc-meeting-of-minds Alex selected for ACC Meeting of Minds

Congratulations to Alex!  She was selected to represent NC State at the ACC Meeting of the Minds research meeting for undergrads.  She is mentored by Ishan.

amber-wins-stannet-poster-contest Amber wins Stannett poster contest

Congratulations to Amber for winning second place poster at the Stannet Research Symposium!

yiliang-wins-stannett-award Yiliang wins Stannett Award

Congratulations to Yiliang. This award recognizes the best “mid-career” graduate studnet in our department. Yiliang has been a tireless worker and an enthusiastic researcher, mentor (for undergrads), and collaborator.

dishit-runner-up-for-stannett Dishit runner up for Stannett

Congratulations to Dishit for being chosen as the runner up for the Stannett Award.  This award recognizes the best “mid-career” graduate student.  Dishit has been a great researcher and groupmate and is very deserving of this recognition.

rishi-semifinalist-at-intel Rishi selected as semifinalist for Intel competition

Congratulations to Rishi (who was admitted recently to MIT), has been selected as a semifinalist for the Intel competition.  He worked in our lab as a high school student and did a phenomenal job under the mentorship of Mohammed, Collin, and Ishan.

welcome-minyung-and-taylor Welcome Minyung and Taylor

Welcome Minyung Song and Taylor Neumann as new graduate students in the group!

group-highlighted-at-ncstate Our group is highlighted by NC State

This video is intended to encourage students to apply to NC State.  Thanks to Dishit, Amber, and Collin for participating.

Dickey records instructional videos for popular text book

Dickey recorded instructional videos for the popular (now 4th edition) book “Principles of Chemical Processes”.  It is the most popular chemical engineering text in the world thanks to the authors Felder, Rousseau, Bullard (all were faculty at NC State during their original contributions to the book).

chris-cooper-selected-by-nc-state-as-goldwater-nominee Chris Cooper selected by NC State as Goldwater nominee

Chris is an outstanding undergrad in our lab.  Congratulations on this impressive distinction!

alex-wins-2nd-place-at-aiche Alex wins 2nd place at AIChE

Congrats to Alex Johnson, an undergrad in our group mentored by Ishan.  Alex won 2nd place for his poster at the annual AIChE meeting in Salt Lake City.

ishan-passes-prelim Ishan passes prelim

Congratulations to Ishan!

rishi-selected-semifinalist-for-siemens-research-competition Rishi selected semifinalist for Siemens Research Competition

Congratulations to Rishi!  The Siemens Research Competition is a high competitive national competition for high school students.  Rishi worked in our lab for the past year and was co-author on a paper in addition to spearheading a new project in our lab.  Thank you to Mohammed, Ishan, and Collin E. for helping to mentor Rishi.

yiliang-passes-prelim Yiliang passes prelim

Congratulations to Yiliang!

congrats-to-ishan-and-hudson-paper-selected-as-hot-paper-for-2015-by-royal-society Congrats to Ishan and Hudson; Paper selected as “Hot Paper for 2015” by Royal Society

Congratulations to Ishan, Hudson, and our friend, Carmel Majidi for this nice recognition of a paper published in Journal of Materials Chemistry.

dishit-passes-his-prelim Dishit passes his prelim

Congratulations to Dishit!

Mohammed passes his thesis defense

Congratulations to Mohammed!  Mohammed will be headed to Purdue for a post-doc.

Daniel passes his thesis defense

Congratulations to Daniel who successfully defended his thesis.  He is co-advised with Prof. Velev and his thesis focuses on actuating hydrogels.  His thesis is a model of productivity and inquisitiveness.

Group highlighted in NCSU oval video

Link to video from NC State College of Engineering.

Undergraduate Shu Zhu highlighted in news

Shu worked in our lab for two years and is now a graduate student at UPENN.  She published a first author paper while working in our lab in the journal Advanced Functional Materials.  Here is an article describing her success story.

Group participates in high school camp outreach

Thank you to Tim, Dishit, Rashed, Alexa, Marina, Ying, Russ, Duncan, and Amber for their generous and enthusiastic participation!

welcome-summer-reu-students Welcome summer REU students

Welcome to Jenn (NJIT), Hudson (UVA), Marina (Berkeley), and Alexa (Puerto Rico).  These students join our group for summer research experiences.

michael-and-david-receive-undergraduate-fellowships Michael and David receive undergraduate fellowships

Congratulations to Michael and David.  Michael is mentored by Dishit and David by Collin.  The grant will support their research in the lab this summer.

group-highlighted-at-ncstate Dickey promoted to Professor

This promotion is recognition for the great students, colleagues, and mentors I have had the pleasure of working with.

Olivia wins best poster recognition at NCSU poster competition

Congratulations to Olivia Gordon, who is mentored by Rashed Khan.  Her poster describes her research on new ways inject liquid metal into microchannels.

Dickey Group participates in Nanodays 2015

Thanks to Dishit, Laza, Duncan, Tim, Amber, and Daniel for their help.  We hosted approximately 100 students from middle and high schools across the state of NC.  We gave tours of our lab and showed demos of 3D printing, self-folding, and laser patterning.

undergrads-give-posters-at-nc-state-poster-session Undergrads give posters at NC State poster session

Congrats to Laza, Alex, Chris, Erik, and Olivia!

Dickey & Genzer headline “Science Under the Stars” outreach at Duke

Profs. Dickey and Genzer gave a talk titled “Hands-free Origami” to a group of about 80 kids at the “Science Under the Stars” event that took place as part of the NC Science Festival.  We had a great time and were accompanied by Duncan, Amber, and Ying who demoed our self-folding work for kids to get them excited about science.

amber-receives-nsf-fellowship Amber receives NSF Fellowship

Congratulations to Amber on a great accomplishment!

collin-successfully-defends-his-thesis Collin passes his prelim

Congratulations to Collin!

farzad-passes-his-prelim Farzad passes his prelim

Congrats Farzad!

group-lunch Group lunch

The group went out to Mellow Mushroom to celebrate the PhD of Berc and Robin!

robin-defends-her-thesis Robin defends her thesis

Congrats to Robin!

Dishit receives UGSA Graduate Teaching Assistant Award Dishit receives UGSA Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Congratulations to Dishit!  He was a TA for Dr. Dickey in 205 and 316 and did a fantastic job.

tim-and-daniel-receive-award-recognition Tim and Daniel receive award recognition

Congratulations to Tim Shay for receiving first place for best poster at the Schoenborn Research Symposium and for Daniel Morales for the third best oral presentation.

dickey-gives-tedx-talk Dickey gives TEDx talk 01/17/2015
collin-joins-nicole-kidman-on-stage Collin joins Nicole Kidman on stage

Our groups reearch was featured on the show El Hormiguero.  It is a spanish show broadcast all over South American and in some of Asia.  They invited us to demonstrate our research on liquid metal.  Nicole Kidman was the other guest on the show.  The show was recorded in London and airs January 2015. It is at the 30 min mark in the show.

whitesides-visits-nc-state Whitesides visits NC State

Prof. George Whitesides visits NC State to receive an honorary degree and give a lecture on Soft Robotics.

berc-successfully-defends-phd Berc successfully defends PhD

Congratulations to Berc!  Berc is primarily advised by Greg Parsons, but worked some in our lab too during his PhD.

Rashed successfully defends PhD

Congratulations to Dr. Rashed!  He wrote and defended a fantastic thesis on liquid metals.

amber-joins-the-group Amber joins the group

Amber is a first year graduate student from Auburn.  Welcome to the group!

tim-wins-2nd-place-poster-at-nc-acs-meeting Tim wins 2nd place poster at NC ACS meeting

Congratulations to Tim Shay!

Group hosts lab tour for outreach activity

Dishit, Tim, Collin, and Ishan hosted a group of kids from Marbles Museum through our NSF ERC ASSIST program.

ying development award Ying wins Post-doctoral Professional Development Award

Congratulations to Ying!  Ying was one of 6 to receive this competitive award, which will give her funds to pursue opportunities for professional development.

Congratulations to Rashed and Collin for paper accepted in PNAS

Congratulations to Rashed and Collin Eaker!  This paper describes the electrochemical deposition and removal of surface oxides as surfactants on liquid metals of gallium. It represents an easy and reversible way to achieve perhaps the largest delta change in surface tension ever reported.  The title of the paper is, “Giant and Switchable Surface Activity of Liquid Metal via Surface Oxidation



dickey-interviewed-by-ny-times-and-la-times Dickey interviewed by NY Times and LA Times

Dr. D interviewed by NY Times and LA Times about the beautiful work from MIT and Harvard to make self-folding robots.

summer-students-participate-in-poster-contest Summer students participate in poster contest

Undergraduate research symposiums caps the summer experience for Cheng, Igor, Hudson, Saringi.

congrats-to-dishit-ishan-and-lin-for-passing-proposition Congrats to Dishit, Ishan, and Lin for passing proposition

Dishit, Ishan, and Lin all pass the first year proposition exam for entry into the PhD program.  Congratulations!

scientific-community-outreach Scientific community outreach

Our group has been active this month (March-April 2014) in scientific outreach activities.

  • Robin and Michael volunteered at Nanodays at Marbles Children’s Museum
  • Robin and Daniel volunteered at NC Science Festival
  • The Dickey group participated in Nanodays at NC State, which is an open house intended to teach K-12 kids about nanotechnology.
Group bowling social

The group went bowling!

congrats-to-daniel-for-selection-to-milliken-graduate-symposium Congrats to Daniel for selection to Milliken Graduate Symposium

Congratulations to Daniel for being selected for this competitive graduate research symposium hosted by Milliken.

congrats-to-daniel-for-winning-stannett-award Congrats to Daniel for winning Stannett Award

Daniel Morales received the first ever Stannett Award that recognizes the top ‘mid-career’ graduate student in our department.  Daniel is co-advised by Orlin Velev and is working on actuating and patterning hydrogels.

congrats-tim-for-first-place-poster Congrats Tim for first place poster

Congrats to Tim for receiving the top poster award at the Schoenborn Graduate Research Symposium.  Tim is co-advised with Prof. Velev.

congrats-to-daniel-for-third-place-poster Congrats to Daniel for third place poster

Congratulations to Daniel Morales for the third place poster at the Schoenborn Graduate Research Symposium.  Daniel is co-advised by Orlin Velev.

welcome-ishan Welcome Ishan

Welcome to the group, Ishan!

yiliang-passes-prelim Welcome Lin!

Welcome Yiliang Lin back to our group!  Lin worked in our lab last summer as part of an exchange program and we are happy to have him back.

congratulations-dishit Welcome Dishit

Dishit joins us from ICT in India.

duncan-passes-his-prelim Duncan passes his prelim

Congratulations to Duncan!

ying passes phd Ying passes her PhD defense

Congratulations to DR Ying!

daniel-duncan-robin-and-michael-participate-in-outreach-at-nc-science-under-the-stars Daniel, Duncan, Robin, and Michael participate in outreach at NC Science Under the Stars

The four of us did our groups ‘self-folding’ outreach activity at this event open to the public and organized by Duke.  Lots of curious kids stopped by to try their hand at self-folding.

daniel-s-paper-accepted-by-soft-matter Daniel’s paper accepted by Soft Matter

Congrats to Daniel for all his hard work.  This paper describes ‘gel walkers’, which are hydrogels that can walk across a surface in response to electric fields.

john-lee-wins-2013-aiche-sophomore-academic-excellence-award John Lee wins 2013 AIChE Sophomore Academic Excellence Award

Congratulations to John, who works in our lab with Daniel and Tim!

robin-s-paper-accepted-by-lab-on-a-chip Robin’s paper accepted by Lab on a Chip

Congratulations to Robin.  This collaborative work with Jan Genzer describes the use of PVMS to make silicone microfluidic channels that behave like PDMS, but do not swell in organic solvents .

Collin receives graduate fellowship

Congratulations to Collin Eaker!

ying wins poster competition Ying wins first place

Ying wins first place poster at the local MRS poster contest.  Congratulations to Ying!

kazi-wins-first-place Kazi wins first place

Congratulations to Kazi for winning first place at the MIRT/MRSEC Joint REU Symposium hosted by UNC.

Congratulations Collin Ladd and Ju-Hee So! 3D printing work highlighted in NY Times, BBC, and other news outlets

Congratulations Collin Ladd and Ju-Hee So!



Etienne’s and Daniel’s paper accepted by Nature Communications

Congratulations!  The paper titled, “Reversible patterning and actuation of hydrogels by electrically assisted ionoprinting” was done in collaboration with Prof. Velev.

group-picnic Group picnic

We had a group picnic at Lake Johnson in Raleigh and managed to brave a short rain shower and some hungry water fowl.

Michael V. wins first place!

Michael Valeri won first place at the NC State Undergraduate Research Symposium.  Congratulations to Michael for all his hard work and dedication!

michael-wins-3rd-place Michael wins 3rd place!

Michael Bissette is an undergrad in our group.  He received 3rd place poster at the regional AIChE meeting during this past weekend.  Congratualtions!

john-lee-wins-ward John wins 5th place poster!

John Lee is an undergrad in our group mentored by Daniel and co-advised by Prof. Velev.  He received 5th place poster at the regional AIChE meeting during this past weekend.  Congratualtions!

ying wins Ying is finalist for Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research

Ying is selected as a finalist for the Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Award at the National ACS Meeting in New Orleans.  Congratulations!

dhruv-wins-gold Dhruv wins GOLD!

Dhruv is a high school student who worked in our lab with the supervision of Daniel and Etieene (co-advised w/ Prof. Velev).  He is representing the state of NC in the Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition.  This weekened, he received first place in the competition.  Congrats to Dhruv!

rashed-wins-1st-place-poster Rashed wins 1st place poster!

Rashed wins 1st place poster at the NC State Graduate Research Symposium.  Congratulations to a well-deserved honor.

dhruv-receives-park-scholarship Dhruv receives Park Scholarship!

Dhruv is a high school student (from the great Enloe high school!) who worked in our lab the past summer.  He received the Park Scholarship, which is the most prestigious scholarship that NC State offers.  Congratulations and very well deserved!

dickey-receives-asee-new-faculty-research-award Dickey receives ASEE New Faculty Research Award 03/01/2013
dickey-chosen-as-university-faculty-scholar Dickey chosen as University Faculty Scholar

The University Faculty Scholar program is in its first year at NC State and is intended to recognize outstanding faculty.

bril-visits-raleigh Bril visits Raleigh

Bril visits Raleigh for the holidays.  Bril worked in the lab during summer 2009 as part of an exchange program.  He has since completed a MS at Stanford and now works for Applied Materials in California.

ju-hee-graduates Ju-Hee graduates!

Congratulations to Ju-Hee – first official PhD from the group!

gerry-graduates Gerry graduates!

Congratulations to Gerry!

congrats-to-dhruv-for-being-selected-to-go-to-china-for-the-north-carolina-international-science-challenge Congrats to Dhruv for being selected to go to China for the North Carolina International Science Challenge!

Dhruv is a high school student working in our lab.  He is mentored by Daniel and co-advised by Prof. Velev.  He was selected to represent North Carolina in a science competition in China as part of the North Carolina International Science Challenge.  Well done!



sunset-at-ncsu Sunset at NCSU

A beautiful sunset over the new library at Centennial Campus outside of EB-1.

rashed-passes-his-prelim Rashed passes his prelim!

Congrats to Rashed!

gilbert joins Gilbert Castillo joins group

Gilbert is a new PhD student who will be co-advised with Jan Genzer and is working on the Eastman project.

Tim Shay joins group

Tim is a new PhD student who will be co-advised with Orlin Velev and is working on the ASSIST project for wearable electronics.

congrats-to-robin-for-her-first-paper Congrats to Robin for her first paper!

Robins paper in Journal of Materials Chemistry is published.  The work was done in collaboration with our friend Ryan Chiechi and with the help of a former post-doc, Dhana.

daniel-passes-his-prelim Daniel passes his prelim!

Congratulations to Daniel for a job well done!

mohammed-passes-his-prelim-exam Mohammed Passes his Prelim Exam

Congrats to Mohammed on a job well done!

brandi-wins-2nd-place-at-aiche Brandi wins 2nd place at AIChE!

Congratulations to Brandi Shaw for winning 2nd place at the AIChE undergraduate poster contest at the national meeting in Pittsburgh.  This is the second year in a row a student has received recognition for their poster (Shu Zhu received 3rd place last year).

dickey-and-genzer-go-to-yellowstone Dickey and Genzer go to Yellowstone

Dickey and Genzer drive through Yellowstone on the way to give invited talks at the Polymer Network conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

berc-receives-gaann-fellowship Berc receives GAANN Fellowship!

Congrats to Berc!

collin-successfully-defends-his-thesis Collin successfully defends his thesis!

Congratulations Collin!

ju-hee-defends-her-phd-thesis-successfully Ju-Hee defends her PhD thesis successfully!

Congratulations Ju-Hee!  Ju-Hee was the first graduate student to join the group.  This fall she will start a post-doc at Harvard.

jacob-s-paper-accepted Jacob’s paper accepted

Jacob’s paper in Lab on a Chip is accepted for publication.  Congratluations!  Jacob was an undergraduate reseracher in our group and is now pursuing a PhD at UC Berkeley.

lin-joins-the-group Lin joins the group

Lin Yiliang joins our group as part of a Chinese Exchange program.  He will be here this summer and then return to China to finish his undergraduate degree.

dickey-visits-ntnu Dickey visits NTNU

Dickey visits Chemical Engineering Dept at NTNU in Trondheim Norway.  Yes, it is summer time and yes, Dickey is wearing a heavy coat.

gerry-successfully-defends-phd-thesis Gerry successfully defends PhD thesis 06/08/2012
the-group-thinks The group thinks

Conspicuously absent from this photo are Duncan and Etienne (as well as the undergraduate students who work in our group).

congratulations-to-rashed Congratulations to Rashed!

Rashed wins first place in the poster competition at the Soft Matter symposium.

dickey-helps-organize-soft-matter-meeting Dickey helps organize Soft Matter Meeting

Dickey helps organized Triangel Soft Matter meeting with Yara and Jan.  Ulrich Steiner visits as the plenary speaker.

elsie-does-reu-at-stanford Elsie does REU at Stanford 05/01/2012
dickey-receives-ncsu-oustanding-teacher-award Dickey receives NCSU Outstanding Teacher Award

Dickey receives university recognition for devotion to excellence in teaching.  Thank you to the students and mentors that made this award possible!

ying-s-paper-on-self-folding-featured-on-cover Ying’s paper on self-folding featured on cover

Paper featured in Soft Matter and is one of the top downloaded articles for several months. Congratulations Ying!

ying-s-video-on-self-folding-goes-viral Ying’s video on self-folding goes viral

Ying posts video on Youtube and it goes viral (~200k hits in two weeks):  3D Object, Just Add Light.

ju-hee-has-a-baby Ju-Hee has a baby!

Congrats to Ju-Hee and Hyung-Jun for their baby girl (Minseo).

duncan-joins-group Duncan joins group

Duncan joins the group as a PhD student and will be co-advised with Prof. Genzer.

Workshop in New Bern, NC

Ying and Michael enjoying the nice weather.

outreach-activities July Group Outreach

The group participates twice in the NC State Engineering Summer Camp for Middle School Students students by doing an interactive demonstration.

rashed-and-ju-hee-receive-recognition Rashed and Ju-Hee receive recognition

Paper on shape shifting antenna is highlighted by PhysOrg.

New papers accepted for publication

Ju-Hee and Rashed both have papers accepted for publication (Advanced Materials and Applied Physics Letters).

june-group-outreach June Group Outreach

The group participates in the NC State Engineering Summer Camp for high school students by doing demonstrations in the lab.

collin-joins New students join group

Collin Eaker joins as a masters student. Logan Maxwell, Jon Lewis, and Longfei Chao join the lab for summer projects.

ju-hee-s-paper-recognized Ju-Hee’s paper recognized

Ju-Hee’s paper in Lab on a Chip is picked as a “hot” article by the journal. It is also highlighted by PhysOrg,ScienceDaily, Materials Today, Chemistry Views, and Chemical Engineering Progress(among others).

dickey-sigma-xi-award Dickey Group recognized for research

Michael receives Sigma Xi Faculty Research Award that recognizes young researchers.

ju-hee-s-paper-recognized Paper published in Lab on a Chip

Ju-Hee So is first author on a paper describing a new method of fabricating microelectrodes

dickey-gives-talk-at-flextech Dickey gives talk at Flextech

Dickey gives invited talked at flexible electronics conference.

Undergraduates join group

Nathan Yinger, Hayley Stowe, Michael Bissette, Silu Zhang, and Justin Chew join the group as undergraduate research assistants.

emmy-is-born Emmy is born

Michael’s second daughter, Emmy, is born.

Undergraduates receive research fellowship

Two outstanding undergraduate researchers in our group have received funding to continue their research: Collin Ladd and Shu Zhu.

ju-hee-recognized-for-research Ju-Hee recognized for research

Ju-Hee gives talk at MRS and her talk is highlighted online by IEEE Spectrum.

mohammed-passes-his-prelim-exam New Graduate Students Join Group

Two new graduate students have joined the group: Daniel Morales and Mohammed Mohammed.

research-recognized Research Recognized

Dickey’s paper on shadow evaporation recognized by Nature Materials, Materials Views, among others.

jennifer-joins-group Jennifer joins group

Jennifer Leaf joins the group as an undergraduate research assistant.

dickey-gives-talk-at-afrl-workshop Dickey gives talk at AFRL workshop

Michael gives talk at AFRL workshop on Nano/Bio Interfaces.

group-adds-display-at-joyner-visitor-center Group adds display at Joyner Visitor Center

Ju-Hee creates a semi-permanent display at the Joyner Visitors Center, which is the gateway for visiting NC State.

Group lunch at The Pit

A group lunch for Carolina BBQ

junjie-joins-the-group Junjie joins the group

Junjie is an undergraduate exchange student from China and will work with Ju-Hee this summer.

group outing to bulls Group Outing to Durham Bulls

A group of us went to a minor league baseball game.

dickey-gives-talk-at-soft-matter-symposium Dickey gives talk at Soft Matter Symposium

Michael gives talk at Triangle Soft Matter Symposium at Duke.

undergraduate-shu-zhu-highlighted-in-news New undergraduates join the group

Shu Zhu, Edward Tomlinson, Shanthan Citineni, Matt Berhorst join the group as undergraduate research assistants.

dickey-receives-career-award Dickey receives CAREER award

Michael receives CAREER award from the National Science Foundation.

dickey-gives-talk-at-sandia Dickey gives talk at Sandia

Michael gives talk at Sandia National Laboratory during visit.

research-recognized-by-many-media-outlets Research recognized by many media outlets

Our work on stretchable antennas is highlighted in The Economist, MSNBC, Forbes, Wired, MIT Technology Review, etc.

dickey-gives-talk-in-india Dickey gives talk in India

Michael gives talk at IIT-Kanpur.

rashed-joins New graduate students join group!

Three new graduate students have joined the group: Berc Kalanyan, Rashed Khan, and Robin Mays.

Undergraduates receive fellowship

Three outstanding undergraduate researchers in our group have received funding to continue their research: Steven Doligalksi, Farshid Jafapour, and Jackson Menius.

dickey-gives-seminar-at-usm-polymer-science Dickey gives seminar at USM Polymer Science

Seminar given in honor of Prof.  Charlie Hoyle, who sadly passed away just weeks prior.

dr-dickey-gives-talk-at-cmos-conference Dr. Dickey gives talk at CMOS conference 09/01/2009
dunked Dunked!

Dickey and several other professors get dunked in a dunking booth as part of a student picnic.

bril-receives-recognition Bril receives recognition

Thank you for your time in the group, Bril.

julie-recognized Julie recognized

Julie Boyles was recognized for her contribution to the research in our group at Lord Corporation.

ju-hee-recognized-for-research Ju-Hee wins award!

Ju-Hee won 2nd place for her poster at the US-Korea Conference on Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

first-paper-accepted First paper accepted!

Our groups first paper has been accepted to Advanced Functional Materials. The paper describes stretchable antennas using liquid metal.

Steven Doligalski joins the group

Steven is a chemical engineering junior at NC State.

farshid-jafarpour-joins-group Farshid Jafarpour joins group

Farshid is a junior in chemical engineering at NC State.

julie-boyles-joins-group Julie Boyles joins group

Julie is a highschool student at Apex and will be working with Ying this summer.

bril-wang-joins-group Bril Wang joins group

Bril is an undergraduate exchange student from China and will work with Ju-Hee this summer.

lab-humor Lab humor

Mad scientists at work.

ying-passes-proposition Ying passes proposition

Ying officially joins the PhD program by passing the ‘proposition’ exam.

jackson-joins-the-group Jackson joins the group

Jackson Menius joins the group as an undergraduate research assistant. He will be mentored by Ying.

ying-ju-hee-and-dhana-the-founding-females Ying Ju-Hee and Dhana – The “Founding Females”

Ju-Hee, Ying, and Dhana are the first to join the group and get the lab started.

Ying rocks Raleigh!

Ying playing guitar hero at group party.

ying-joins-the-group Ying joins the group!

Ying Liu joins the group as a graduate student. Ying is from China, but recently completed a MS at Iowa State. She will be working on a collaborative project with the Genzer group.

dickey-gives-seminar-at-rpi Dickey gives seminar at RPI 10/01/2008
dr-dickey-becomes-a-father Dr. Dickey becomes a father! 09/26/2008
Dr. Dickey gives MRS Seminar

Dr. Dickey gives a seminar to the student MRS chapter at NC State on “Unconventional Fabrication”.

dhana-joins-group Dhana joins group

Dhana joins the group as a lab manager and post-doc. Her background is in organic synthesis.

jacob-thelen-joins-group Jacob Thelen joins group

Jacob is the first undergraduate to join the group.

dr-dickey-arrives-at-nc-state Dr. Dickey arrives at NC State

Dr. Dickey officially starts his position as an assistant professor at NC State.

ju-hee-so-joins-group Ju-Hee So joins group

Ju-Hee is the first graduate student in the group.  She joins a year before Michael gets to NC State.