Nidhi Diwakar’s film won an award in the NCSU 2023 Envisioning Research contest

Photo of thin tendrils of dye stretching from the center of a petri dish.

Thin tendrils stretching from the center of the petri dish are trails of fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) dye left behind by rapidly propelling active salt particles.

Graduate student Nidhi Diwakar’s film won second place in the Graduate Students and Postdocs Films category of the NCSU 2023 Envisioning Research contest. Her short film is “Rapid Superdiffusion of Therapeutic Paste.”

Nidhi’s research that’s associated with the film focuses on the development of an active disinfecting paste, composed of FITC-coated bicarbonate salt crystals and 5-aminolevulinic acid, a cytotoxic agent. By harnessing a simple reaction, accelerated diffusion of therapeutic agents is achieved for use in rapid disinfection of dermal wounds. Undergraduate researcher, Rachel Sides, captured the video while working with Nidhi during summer 2022.

Congratulations Nidhi!