The NC State Chemical Engineering Class of 2022

graduates seated smiling

About 175 chemical engineering graduates turned their tassels on May 7, 2022, in Talley Student Union. Approximately 150 were undergraduate students while 18 earned their master’s and six students received their doctorate. This class was gifted academically, with 70 students graduating summa cum laude and 24 valedictorians with a 4.0 GPA.

The student speaker, Jacob John, compared the graduating class with extremophiles, such as the creatures that live at the bottom of the ocean and find a way to survive, and even thrive, in harsh conditions like cold temperatures or extreme pressure. Jacob sees similarities between his fellow classmates and the extremophiles because despite the rigor of the degree, the pressure did not crush them. The class of 2022 was able to adapt to their surroundings, which not only included newfound independence and responsibility, but in this case, the tumult of attending college during Covid-19. You can watch Jacob’s speech below, or watch the entire graduation ceremony.

Other highlights of the ceremony include Shravan Pradeep accepting the James K. Ferrell Award, a welcome from alumni speaker Trent Carrier and remarks from Russ O’Dell, Director of Alumni Relations.

To see more photos from the event check out the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering’s Flickr.