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An AI-generated image of mixed bacterial colonies, fungi and microbes cultivated in petri dishes, illustrating the world of growing microorganisms.

Tiny Organisms, Transformative Outcomes

Prof. Crook and his colleagues are exploring ways to utilize some of Earth's simplest life forms to solve...


#3 Best Place to Live


140+ Fully Funded Ph.D. Students

#4 ChE Department in the U.S.

Based on Federal Research Expenditures

Online courses offered by award-winning instructors — Core ChE Concepts: I and II

The courses are designed for students with STEM backgrounds who are interested in graduate study in chemical engineering, and professionals who need to be familiar with ChE principles for their work.

Learn more about Core ChE Concepts: I and II

#8 in the US and #39 worldwide

NC State’s Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering has been recently ranked as the 8th best in the United States and 39th best in the world in the Shanghai Ranking of Chemical Engineering Programs.


Private support plays a vital role in promoting NC State’s educational mission, helping our university, college and department go from good to great.